Co-founder and President of international animal protection group Animal Defenders International (ADI) Jan Creamer is one of 100 visionaries nominated by the Albert Einstein Foundation to mark 100 years of Einstein’s theory of relativity. The “world’s greatest minds” will present their visions of the future in the world’s first 3D-printed book Genius.

The visionaries joining Jan for Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, to be presented in Montreal on 10 September, include director Sir Ridley Scott, former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Barbara Streisand, former commander of the international space station Colonel Chris Hadfield, author Salman Rushdie, Nobel laureates, billionaire entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders.

This global project honors the life and legacy of Albert Einstein, recognizes living visionaries, and seeks to “inspire the next generation of brilliant minds on the planet.” Jan will also be addressing the Einstein Youth Forum: “Inspiring the Future” on September 8th in Montreal.

Jan founded ADI in 1990, and has led from the front, whether it is going toe to toe with circus owners refusing to hand over animals, writing reports, operating undercover in animal laboratories, factory farms, animal dealers, slaughterhouses and circuses, spearheading prosecutions, or addressing national legislators and governments.

Although a small group in terms of resources and personnel, ADI is increasingly seen as one of the most effective animal rights groups in the world. Jan leads a highly committed team of researchers and investigators who gather evidence inside industries such as circuses, animal laboratories, fur farms, and produce studies. Followed by sustained campaigns, the results are sweeping the globe.

ADI’s campaigns have resulted in legislation banning animal circus acts in nearly 40 countries; the closure of establishments caught abusing animals; cruelty convictions for circus owners; an EU ban on wild caught primates or their offspring being used in experiments; bans on the use of animals in cosmetics testing in UK and Europe; restrictions over 180 countries on cross-border movements of endangered species in traveling exhibitions.

ADI’s successful approach includes addressing economic, social, and employment issues; providing solutions such as funding technology to replace animals in experiments; working at multiple levels and across cultures and peoples.

When Bolivia and Peru banned animals in circuses, ADI stepped in to enforce the law, tracking down and raiding all the circuses that broke the law in both countries and rescuing and relocating almost 200 animals – the largest operations of their kind undertaken.

Last year, ADI flew over 30 lions rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia home to Africa, whilst over 50 indigenous wild animals including six different species of monkey and bears were homed in ADI sanctuary facilities in the Amazon.

The ADI founders were recently presented with The Drury University Forum on Animal Rights Bob Barker Award for Extraordinary Achievement for Animal Rights. Legendary TV presenter and philanthropist, Bob Barker, who has funded some of ADI’s most important life-saving work, said, “I am proud to be on ADI’s list of donors! In my opinion Animal Defenders International is one of the world’s most productive animal protection organizations.”

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