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Best Documentary Omaha International Film Festival
People’s Choice Award, Boulder International Film Festival
Best Documentary Alhambra Theatre Film Festival
Audience Award Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival
Audience Choice Best Documentary, San Diego Film Festival
Audience Choice Environmental Film Sedona International Film Festival
Audience Favorite Documentary Palm Beach International Film Festival
Best Documentary Sun & Sand: The Mississippi Film & Music Festival
Audience Award YES Film Festival
The Animal Award, Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival
Audience Choice Best Documentary Anchorage International Film Festival
Nominated: Outstanding International Motion Picture, 45th NAACP Image Awards
Official Selections: Raindance Film Festival; Mill Valley Film Festival; Hawaii International Film Festival; Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival; Virginia Film Festival; Starz Denver Film Festival; Beloit International Film Festival; Irvine International Film Festival; Crossroads Festival for Documentary Film & Discourse


“…this film should be a target for this year’s Oscars. Excellent”
– ACED Magazine

“Lion Ark proceeds with refreshing unpredictability”
 Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“Lion Ark boasts a compelling narrative focus that lifts it above the plethora of recent animal rights activist films.”
 Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“Lion Ark is through and through entertaining… ready for some up-tempo action-adventure of the most thrilling variety: real-life.”
  Stark Insider

“…thoroughly rewarding and a powerfully affecting wake-up call.”
 TV and Film Review

“Lion Ark is an awe-inspiring journey that grips and engages”

“Lion Ark takes an already incredible and unforgettable story and breathes life and passion and transformation into it…. one of your must-see films of 2013..”
 The Independent Critic

“If you enjoy movies filled with suspense, thrills, surprises, adventure and action, put Lion Ark on your must-see list..For me, Lion Ark is the feel-good movie of the year!”
Betty Jo Tucker, Reel Talk

“A consciousness-raising milestone of a documentary … which wears its heart on its sleeve, engaging the viewer viscerally …”
 Edgar Vaid, The Ecologist

“…an emotionally powerful film….will restore some faith in humanity.”
  JM Willis,

“Lion Ark is a film that will grab your attention and your heart”
 – Alexis HigginsCMR Movie Reviews and News

“… heartwarming, beautiful and inspirational.   It reminds you of the majestic power of documentary filmmaking and it’s ability to stir true emotion.”
 Justin Bozung, Shock Cinema Magazine / Mondo Film & Video Guide

“Despite the horrors it reveals this is ultimately an uplifting story. It’s a revealing documentary with a lot of heart.”
 Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film

“The film can be described in one word – AMAZING! Viewers will be crying tears of joy throughout….”
 – Renee Snyder, International Animal Welfare Examiner, The Examiner

“A heartbreaking exposé …. a tremendous debt is owed to the brave whistleblowers who made this powerful film.”
– J.J. Kelley, Producer, National Geographic’s “Battle for Elephants”

“Lion Ark is a vivid behind-the-scenes account of one of the most ambitious animal rescues ever seen.”
 Production Hub

“A deeply important film about bravely taking a stand against animal cruelty.”
 – Joel Marshall, FatFreefilm

“An amazing journey for those in search of a passionate story, or an uplifting tale.”
Global Animal

“Lion Ark is a dynamic, and courageous film highlighting the best of human nature …A film that must be seen!”
 Cheryl Casati, Epoch Times International

“Such a moving film…a thriller – I was in suspense watching”
 – Tim Boxer, Editor

“Lion Ark is a compelling documentary with all of the drama and excitement of an action packed feature film.”
 – Marie Oser, host/ producer, VegTV

“…when the lion is finally released and walks on grass for the first time, it’s one of the most poignant moments of the film.”
 – Laura Moss, Mother Nature Network/Huffington Post

“…an eye-opening look at why compassion is not supposed to be limited to humans”
 – Courtney Hartmann, San Diego Movie Examiner,

“’Lion Ark’ is a riveting, heartwarming documentary that celebrates the human spirit… an amazing rescue against all odds.”
 – Sue Thurman, Radio Host/National Columnist “Celebrity Examiner”

“This film is an education in what can be done when passionate people come together for a greater cause.”
 – Keith “Swoop” Lewis, Swoop’s World Radio

“Not since ‘The Cove’ has there been such dramatic suspense with a documentary feature.”
 – Kat Kramer, “Kat Kramer’s Films That Change The World.”

“Lion Ark is a must-see film, and it is one to roar about!”
 – Keith Sanderson, Max A. Pooch/Chicago Animal Advocacy Examiner

“the story….. will emotionally engross all animal lovers.”
 – Joseph J. Airdo, Film Columnist, Breakthrough Entertainment (

“a touching testament that will leave theatergoers feeling truly inspired about humanity”
 – Dyana Carmella, P3 Update

“The film reflects….. animals and mankind’s resilience to triumph spiritually over tragic experiences. … one of the most extraordinary odysseys…”
 Michele Van Hessen, Hawaii Reporter

“…heart-warming and full of hope…”
 – Brooke Wylie, Film Examiner

“It’s an amazing film. It feels more like an action film than a documentary in many spots..Sometimes it’s not the final straw that helps bring about lasting change, but the first.”
 Jane Norris, Daily Progress

“You can’t help but fall in love with these lions, and with Lion Ark.  It is a must see.”
 Dara on Radio

“This engrossing documentary combines elements of…Schindler’s List…Born Free, and…Blackfish.”
 Ed Rampell, Earth Island Journal

“an incredible success story….that shows the power people have when they come together to tackle a cause.”
 Elizabeth Miller, Boulder Weekly

“…a dynamic and courageous film highlighting the best of human nature”
 Cheryl Casati, Epoch Times

“If you’re not moved by Lion Ark, you must be made of stone.”
 Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

“We’re on our way to a cruelty-free, circus-free world and ADI (Animal Defenders International) is leading the fight – and winning.”
 Jessica Blotter, Examiner

“If you enjoyed Born Free, then you’ll no doubt champion this film.”
– Sarah Knight Adamson, Sarah’s Backstage Pass

“This film made me realize that I can no longer support circuses that feature animals”
– Danny Miller, Cinephiled

“powerful, strong and will have you on the edge of your seat”
–Jonathan Silva, Lazy Dog Films

“an action packed nail biter…”
Anchorage Press

“This gripping documentary changed the way I thought of circuses for a lifetime.”
– Erica Arvanitis, College Movie Review


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