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Colombia bans wild animals in circuses

Colombia is now the fifth South American country to pass a circus ban and officials are already in discussions with Lion Ark team concerning enforcement. On Wednesday 12th June 2013, the Colombian Congress voted overwhelmingly to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. Colombia is our fifth national ban in South America since […]

Lion Ark sound mix underway

What does Lion Ark have in common with Olympus Has Fallen, The Expendables, and Arbitrage? They had their sound mixed at Wildfire Post Production Studios in Los Angeles.

A labour of love

Lion Ark is built entirely from live action with commentary and reaction from the participants as events actually unfold. Lion Ark Director Tim Phillips describes the painstaking process of constructing the complex narrative.

Be a Lion Ark Contributor Producer

Lion Ark is in the final stages of production so this is your last opportunity to be a part of this incredible film. We are urgently looking for support for the final stages of the production

Stars at Lion Ark Night

Over 250 people attended Lion Ark Night, ADI’s star studded fundraiser at the Hollywood Hills home of James Costa. Guests included legendary TV host Bob Barker, CSI star Jorja Fox, Corey Feldman, Elisabetta Canalis of Dancing with the Stars

Lion Ark Night: October 13th

Join Bob Barker, Jorja Fox and the ADI team at a special night at the Hollywood home of James Costa….

Filming the world’s biggest lion rescue

It wasn’t just the rescuers that faced the confrontations with angry circus owners, lions in cages that were falling apart, and endured the rain and biting insects…

Who and Where

Where Lion Ark was filmed, its stars and the key people who made it happen…

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