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Lion Ark flies home to Denver to sell-out screenings

Huge local interest in Lion Ark at the Starz Denver Film Festival in Colorado – home to the movie’s big cat stars – has led to sell out screenings for the film, which opens this weekend.

Sun & Sand Film & Music Festival

Lion Ark is heading to Mississippi and will screen at the Sun & Sand Film & Music Festival.

Lion Ark in Alaska!

Lion Ark has been officially selected for the Anchorage International Film Festival which has the slogan “Films worth freezing for!”

Exclusive VIP premiere in Los Angeles

On Friday, November 15th, an exclusive VIP premiere of Lion Ark will be held in Los Angeles to raise funds for Peru’s circus animals to be saved.

Lion Ark at the Hawaii International Film Festival

We were delighted that Jorja Fox was able to join us in Hawaii at the weekend to introduce the first two of our Lion Ark screenings at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Lion Ark Wins Best Documentary

We are thrilled that Lion Ark has won the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at the San Diego Film Festival.

Lion Ark wins the “affection of audiences” in San Diego

Highlight Hollywood announced how Lion Ark “has won the affections of audiences at the San Diego Film Festival” after its screening.

Lion Ark at the Film Festivals

Lion Ark is delighted to have been accepted for the following film festivals: Raindance, London Raindance Film Festival is Europe’s leading independent film festival. Listed by Variety as one of the world’s top 50 ‘unmissable film festivals’, Raindance aims to nurture, support and promote independent films and filmmakers from the UK and around the world. […]

Jorja Fox hosts Lion Ark US Premiere

On October 5th, 2013 CSI star Jorja Fox gave a special introduction to the US Premiere of Lion Ark at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Animal Angels stars feature Lion Ark Night in trailer

Scenes from our Lion Ark Night fundraiser have been included in a trailer for Animal Angels.

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