Lion Ark distribution

We know that many of you have yet to see Lion Ark and are eagerly waiting for it to become available in your area.

The purpose of Lion Ark is to reach the widest possible audience – and especially those who are unaware of the hidden suffering of animals in circuses.

Lion Ark has been made for initial cinema distribution, and is being submitted to the international film festival circuit, where it will be seen by buyers from film distribution companies.

Once Lion Ark is purchased by one or more distribution companies (for each worldwide region), they will distribute Lion Ark to movie theaters, TV and DVD.

The action-adventure style of Lion Ark with its in-your-face up close and in-the-action experience is an opportunity for people to enjoy the story, then come away with an understanding about the use of animals in circuses.

As of November 2013, Lion Ark has appeared in eight major film festivals in the UK and US and we are receiving offers for festivals for 2014. We anticipate that the film festival tour will continue into the New Year, before general distribution starts.

In addition to the film festival screenings, we plan to take Lion Ark to specific cinemas in the US, UK and Europe for special event screenings.

If you are interested in organizing a special event screening in your town, please contact us at: – we can then discuss the options with you, for example a one-night celebrity fundraiser for our animal rescues, or a week-long fixture of daily screenings in a local cinema.


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