Lion Ark: Canadian Premiere

Lion Ark is the award-winning documentary that tells the story of how Bolivia banned the use of animals circuses, the circuses defied the law, but ADI tracked them down, raiding one after the other until every animal was saved. You are transported to the heart of the action, up close and personal with the animals and find yourself cheering the lions.

Do not miss out as Lion Ark finally lands in Canada. ADI’s Rescue Team leaders Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips will be presenting Lion Ark followed by a Q&A at Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto on Wednesday 13th September at 7:00pm. There’ll also be slides and footage from ADI’s most recent rescues.


Join us, leave the film with a smile and feel inspired that we can change the world for animals.

This is a great opportunity to see the multi-award winning film on a big screen, to get an insight into the massive rescue in Peru, meet the people behind this work AND help animals! A feel-good and empowering film – a great night out.


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