Lion Ark sound mix underway

What does Lion Ark have in common with Olympus Has Fallen, The Expendables, and Arbitrage? They had their sound mixed at Wildfire Post Production Studios in Los Angeles. Mixing is taking place under the supervision of Javier Bennassar whose credits include American History X, Austin Powers, Leap Year and TV shows Dexter and Desperate Housewives.

We had always wanted Lion Ark to feel more like an action adventure or a movie drama than a traditional documentary. But it is not a reconstruction, it’s the real thing, the film is built from recordings made at the time of the events as this huge rescue unfolded, with any interviews or commentary recorded there and then. So the sound mix was always going to be complex.

Wildfire and Javier seemed a perfect match for Lion Ark. A studio with an impressive track record on some of the biggest blockbusters of recent years, and a talented and experienced sound editor able to mix dramatic dialogue with a big score!

Javier Bennassar “I have been involved in Sound Design and Sound Editorial in Hollywood, CA for the last 20 years and really treasure those projects with a strong story and a nice tribe of film makers with whom to bond during this arduous and fulfilling process of bringing a story into the screen. Lion Ark was definitely in that list for me; thank you Tim and Jan and ADI.”

Jan Creamer, Executive Producer Lion Ark: “Like the actual rescue operation, the film draws together an array of different talent to get the job done. It’s been wonderful working with Javier, who has added yet another dimension to the film. As the lions begin to roar in surround sound you will really feel the movie theater shake.”

Find out more about how Lion Ark was pieced together from recordings made during this remarkable operation.


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