Brian Blessed roars his approval for Lion Ark at world premiere

Actor Brian Blessed delighted the audience as he played host at the world premiere of Lion Ark at the Raindance Film Festival on October 1st.

Celebrities turned out to support Lion Ark, which follows the epic battle to rescue 25 lions from illegal circuses in Bolivia. Nutritionist Gillian McKeith, singer-songwriter Lynsey De Paul, TV host Wendy Turner-Webster, Northern Line’s Dan Corsi and Wire’s Robert Gotobed attended the glitzy world premiere.

Brian Blessed: “Buckle up for a nail-biting adventure following the truly outstanding ADI as they struggle to liberate long-suffering circus lions and restore their true majesty. Lion Ark will leave you roaring for joy!”

Lion Ark is an uplifting story of bravery, compassion, camaraderie and determination – how a poor but proud country said “no” to cruelty and how attitudes to animals were changed across an entire continent.

The film has already attracted droves of celebrity support and glowing reviews from those lucky enough to watch it ahead of its world premiere.

Joanna Lumley: “The resilience shown by the lions and the ADI rescuers in Lion Ark is astounding. You must see Lion Ark.”

Twiggy: “The dedication, skill and guts shown by the ADI rescue team in Lion Ark is inspiring.”

DJ Sarah Young: “Animals don’t belong in the circus!”

Director Tim Phillips said he was “overwhelmed by the roaring reviews and celebrity support” and that the glamorous premiere was “a fitting tribute to the magnificent Lion Ark stars”.


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